What are a Problem-Solution essay and its importance?

As a student, your teacher must have asked to compose several writing pieces, among which the Problem-Solution to write my paper is the one. In this article, we will highlight the concept and importance of this particular genre of essay. We will also examine the reason due to which teachers give high importance to this essay.

  • What is academic writing?

Before we go into the details of the Problem-Solution essay, students need to understand the primary theme of academic writing. 

There are two types of writing. One is a formal piece of paper, and the other one is informal writing. In our daily lives, we use informal writing at various platforms. Its best example is social media, where we give reviews on movies, political situations, international affairs, and wish birthdays to our loved ones in an informal style of writing.

In contrast, a formal piece of writing is followed in educational institutes and professional offices. It has high importance and plays a vital role in composing formal applications, letters, or even a single sentence impressively.

It is also referred to as story-telling. However, it is not merely narrating a story. Instead, it is way more than that. It urges students to express thoughts, emotions, ideas, opinions, suggestions, and recommendations according to the topic’s statement. It has a few predefined rules that all students are bound to follow. 

A student with no prior experience with Problem-Solution essay writing often wonders and thinks if it would be possible for me to write paper for me extraordinarily. Well, such a student should learn the concept of this particular genre of essay and then compose it as required by the essay writing rules. 

  • What is Problem-Solution essay writing?

It is a genre of academic writing that requires an essay writer to analyze a problem by examining it critically. Afterward, a writer must present its viable solution or solutions that should be adaptable. Furthermore, it is expedient to mention here that a scribbler cannot express emotional feelings in the text.

This specific writing piece consists of four parts that are as follows.

  1. Creating a situation
  2. Analyzing the problem
  3. Giving its solution
  4. Evaluating the pros and cons of the issue
  • What is the purpose of Problem-Solution essay writing?

If your teacher is assigning you the same task of creating this specific genre of academic writing repeatedly, you must be thinking why this essay assignment help is of high importance for teachers. Well, students have to understand this fact that teachers want their students to excel in their professional careers. 

Problems are part of life. However, the primary thing is to solve those problems. It is a fact that you cannot resolve until you find the real problem. 

  • Importance of Problem-Solution essay

It has great unique importance for both teachers and students. Let’s jot down all the essential points that this particular essay donates toward students and the teachers.

  1. It plays a vital role in establishing a habit of critically analyzing a situation or problem in students.
  2. Teachers consider this genre of essay writing a potent source of analyzing the writing skills of students.
  3. Students do learn not only the art of analyzing a problem but also presenting its viable solution.
  4. It urges students to impart such a solution that the targeted audience can opt easily. That solution must be user friendly. It must be cheap to install or choose and apply for an extended period. To fulfill this specific requirement, the author ultimately learns the art of research and development.
  5. It is imperative to bring in the notice of students that becoming a top-notch essay writing service providers is not an overnight job. However, it demands commitment, motivation, and, most importantly, students’ deep-dyed interest in learning academic writing skills. 

Besides, it is also essential for students to give high and equal importance to all the predefined rules of academic writing.

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